A2enmod rewrite a2enmod headers in word

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Dockerizing your LAMP enviroment

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How to Install Turtl Server - Evernote Alternative - on Ubuntu 104

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Install Apache Reverse Proxy on Ubuntu Server

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Setting up Ghost with Apache and HTTPS

Feb 28,  · Enable mod_rewrite sudo a2enmod rewrite Install cURL sudo apt-get install curl libcurl3 libcurl3-dev php5-curl Enable modules sudo a2enmod cache & a2enmod disk_cache & a2enmod proxy & a2enmod proxy_http & a2enmod headers & a2enmod expires How to Install Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PHPMyAdmin on Ubuntu.

First of all: With HTML rewrite and Cookie-Rewrite only, the Webpage won`t let me login (also the "Login" button is changed from "Login" to "". We could only login if we activate "pass host header" ONLY!

To anyone who has this problem in future: I found the following worked: Add Apache modules: sudo a2enmod proxy sudo a2enmod proxy_http sudo a2enmod headers.

sudo a2enmod rewrite sudo systemctl restart apache2 Install WordPress Prepare the WordPress Database. when you upload an image to use as a header, you may need to crop the image to make it fit your page. To install the GD extension: sudo apt install php-gd For full non-English language support and to fix certain character encoding-related.

Add the config to Apache¶. The next step is adding the configuration to your video-accident.com file, typically located in /etc/apache2/sites-available/.The below.

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