Citrix netscaler rewrite actiontec

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How to Change Hostname and URL in Client Request on NetScaler Appliance Using Rewrite Feature

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Citrix ADC is available in either a hardware or software-based appliance. Hardware options include single and multi-tenant devices, in addition to FIPS compliant and high SSL appliances. Software-based options include virtual hypervisor-based and containerized microservice offerings. May 20,  · Using Citrix NetScaler Rewrite Action and Policy to prevent the Location HTTP header from exposing internal IP addresses.

Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Unified Gateway)

Getting Started with Citrix NetScaler. Where Does a NetScaler Appliance Fit in the Network? Enabling the Rewrite Feature ; Configuring a Rewrite Action Configuring a Rewrite Policy ; Binding a Rewrite Policy ; Configuring Rewrite Policy Labels.

Die Top 1 Verwundbarkeitsdatenbank weltweit. Unsere Spezialisten dokumentieren tagtäglich die neuesten Schwachstellen seit To accomplish this, use the Rewrite feature of the NetScaler appliance to convert the URL available in the client request to another URL that the back end server understands.

This can avoid unauthorized users from gaining access to the network resources. One of the main differences between Rewrite and Responder is that Rewrite can apply to both requests and responses whilst Responder can only apply to requests reaching the NetScaler.

Rewrite: Enable the URL Rewrite feature by navigating to Configuration -> System -> Settings -> Configure Basic Features.

Citrix netscaler rewrite actiontec
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