Impulse control disorders

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Impulse control disorder

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What Are Impulse Control Disorders?

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In the same manner that people with personality disorders may have problems with over- or under-controlled affective (emotional) regulation, they also tend to have problems regulating their impulses.

More Impulse Control Disorders animations & videos Research about Impulse Control Disorders. Visit our research pages for current research about Impulse Control Disorders treatments. Clinical Trials for Impulse Control Disorders.

The US based website lists information on both federally and privately supported clinical trials using human volunteers. The research on treatments for impulse control disorders has largely focused on the use of cognitive behavioral therapy and medications.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help a person learn to relax, cope with stress, combat negative thoughts, and prevent damaging behaviors. Symptoms and Dangers of Impulse-Control Disorders. There are many different specific symptoms that may show up with impulse-control disorders, but generally they revolve around an inability to resist something that may be harmful or illegal.

Some medical disorders such as seizures, other things that may cause trauma to the brain, or an imbalance in some of the brain’s natural chemistry that may be produced by an underlying mental health disorder or substance abuse may increase the odds that a person will suffer from an impulse control disorder as well.

Impulse control disorders involve chronic problems in one’s ability to control his or her emotions and behaviors. This lack of self-control causes the children and adolescents suffering from these disorders to experience significant distress or impairment in all, or most, areas of functioning.

Impulse control disorders
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Impulse Control Disorders