The ethical problems of tourism sex

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The Ethical Problems of Tourism: Sex Tourism Essay Sample

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The ethical dilemmas in tourism and hospitality

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Integrating ethics into tourism: beyond codes of conduct

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Sex tourism in Thailand: Ethical?

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The United Nations World Tourism Association defines sex tourism in their Global Code of Ethics for Tourism as “trips organized from within the tourism sector, or from outside this sector but using its structures and networks, with the primary purpose of effecting a commercial sexual relationship by the tourist with residents at the destination.

Sex Tourism in Thailand This is sad to say, that the Thai social structure tends to accept this sort of abuse, and not only to accept – we have laws, we have bills that vitally support the existence of these sex.


mostly by sex tourists, however some of them were not used due to problems with data collection. Responses were by all of the targeted age groups, from 18 choice in terms of ethics, as sex tourism there is a large phenomenon.

There-fore consequences are also significant and visible. The United Nations World Tourism Association defines sex tourism in their Global Code of Ethics for Tourism as “trips organized from within the tourism sector, or from outside this sector but using its structures and networks, with the primary purpose of effecting a commercial sexual relationship by the tourist with residents at the destination.

Ethical issues. Finally, ethical issues are also the aspects as crime generation, the practice of child labour and prostitution. With the growth, urbanization of an area, and growth of mass tourism is often the main reason that crime rates typically increase.

Different research studies outlined that the main ethical dilemmas that have direct relevance to the tourism and hospitality industry are bribery and corruption, gender and racial discrimination, sexual harassment, exploitation of child labor, child sexual harassment, violation of human rights, harming natural resources, selling of unhealthy .

The ethical problems of tourism sex
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