Which technique of micing a marimba

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Live Audio Effect Reference Live comes with a selection of custom-designed, built-in audio effects. The Working with Instruments and Effects chapter (see Chapter 17) explains the basics of using effects in Live Amp The Amp Effect. I have a marimba session this weekend.

Any suggestions for mics, placement, general approach to the recording, etc? The artist is not actually a tuned percussion player, so any tips for tone and performance would also be quite useful. Marimba Microphone Mounting Tips & Tricks.

Learn tips and tricks about attaching microphones to a marimba for use in a front ensemble setting. Zach discusses different ways to mount mics, including shock mounts, boom arms, clamps, and placement.

I have a marimba session this weekend. Any suggestions for mics, placement, general approach to the recording, etc? Micing a marimba. jimblair. Posts: Gold Finger. jimblair. Gold Finger. if you use a real stereo technique and place it properly.

Spaced, hard panned cardioids do not work. Marimba, xylophone, and vibraphone solos sound great when captured with a pair of overheads in the ORTF configuration.

Marimba Microphone Mounting Tips & Tricks

Just make sure you don’t get the mics too close to the instrument. Position 4: Mono Overhead and Bass Drum.

Which technique of micing a marimba
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